About us

There's no typical person who helps us out. We all live in the locality and we all have our reasons for giving our time to helping those who need it. From our delivery drivers, to the people who put food in the donation boxes in shops, each and every one of us can do a bit to make someone else's life that little bit better.

The people below are some of our regular volunteers who provide much needed help and support to the community each week.

The team out in the cold, delivering

the Christmas Hampers and other

little parcels to cheer up local residents.

LensGo Visual Media came

down to see what we do and 

make a little video for us to

show the Community where

their donations were going.

Some of the team, helping us move home earlier in 2020, when we moved back to Sunnyside Community Centre.

Our current volunteers


Emma is a local Councillor and was at the forefront of setting up Sunnyside Supplies with 2 close friends. Each week, Emma not only replies to people via social media, email and phone, she also organises food for us to distribute, as well as handling emergency parcels and all admin tasks...all on top of her full time job!


Alison got involved with us when we were a food bank from early on and is there every week, helping people out and supporting them with whatever they need.


Ian started with Sunnyside Supplies when it was a food bank, by delivering leaflets during the first lockdown. Emma asked if he'd like to help pack parcels and it's just gone from there. Ian now helps do a variety of jobs, from answering social media to packing parcels as well as odd jobs around the Community Centre.


Richard is our 'go to' guy for anything collecting or delivering. He collects food from local (and not-so-local) places for

us to give to people. He's always there, milling around, doing odd jobs here and there for us.


Chris joined us when we were at a local church and has been with us ever since. Chris replies to people via social media, arranges to collect local food donations and also speaks with people on the phone as well as delivering parcels to those further afield!


Jasmine has been with us for quite a while now. She happily gets involved in any jobs, from unpacking donations, to arranging shopping lists and collecting bits we need from local shops, then packing parcels for the community.


Dianne is our very own community Saint. Not only does she give her time to Sunnyside Supplies, she helps out at another social supermarket other days

of the week.


Diann joined us before we moved to the Community Centre and is one of the friendly voices people hear each week when we call to check on them. 


Brenda has been with us for a while now. Each week, she contacts people, to see what help they need, then arranges parcels as necessary so they get the things they need.


Jean wanted to help others who were struggling and came to help us out when we were a food bank. Week in, week out, Jean is happy to do any jobs we need doing, to ensure people get the help they need.


Karen recently joined us after Jean had joined the team and told her how much she enjoyed helping and how nice we all were. Karen joined and still hasn't found out what Jean meant haha!

Other helpers

We still have lots of other people who help out at the social supermarket, who may not be able to attend each week, due to work or other commitments, but we are so grateful for everything they do. Last but not least, we must thank Alexa, Helen and Amanda for helping Sunnyside Supplies for a large proportion of last year.

Our donators

We cannot run the social supermarket without donations, whether that's food donations, or money, to buy fresh produce. There are too many donators to mention, but our eternal gratefulness still isn't enough to say how much your generosity means.