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Stronger Together

Welcome to the Sunnyside Supplies website

Sunnyside Supplies was created out of a need to help and protect those in our community who are vulnerable or find themselves struggling and don't know who to turn to.

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

Local Initiatives

Shopping & Prescription Pick-up and Delivery

Many of our volunteers are part of the Rotherham Council 'Rotherham Heroes' initiative, where they help local residents with many tasks they may otherwise struggle with, such as prescription collection and delivery. 

Check on Your Elderly Neighbours

Whilst we offer a check in & chat service, we highly recommend you regularly check on your neighbours, especially the older ones. Make sure they're ok and see if you can get them anything.

Free My Meal

Always make too much Lasagne?
Left-over curry?

Why not help those in need in South Yorkshire, by sharing any left-over meals with people who need it.

You can check this initiative or request help or offer meals to residents in South Yorkshire on the local Free My Meal Facebook page.

Free My Meal website

South Yorkshire Group Facebook

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